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Jul. 12th, 2006 | 08:32 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: No music :-(

So here is a quick update of what has been happening lately. So much stuff, and no time to write in livejournal.

Chris and I went up north a couple weekends ago. We had a blast! It was nice to get away. We had bought kayaks just before we left so we took them with us and spent all day on the lake on the sunday we were there. We saw Dean for the first time in like 3 years. Dean is so much cooler than his brother. :-)

We took Moe with us for the weekend because he still had some medicine left. We took him for walks and he got to chow on watermelon and have a good ole time. BUT, when we took him home on Monday he wasn't doing so good. He had gotten an infection in his eyes which ended up spreading to his brain. He died shortly after we had got him home. So we miss our Moe Moes. :-( We buried him in the backyard with my doggie Samson.

On a good note, Chris bought me a car! Actually, he more loaned me money for one and I am paying him back. He says I don't have to because it's our money. So pretty much I am putting more money towards buying a house. My car is pretty. It's a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. And it's black. And I like it. :-D

Chris and I are going to go up north this weekend. We're going to leave after we get out of work tomorrow. My cousin Amanda and her boyfriend, Nate, were supposed to go with us, but Nate got a new job and couldn't get the time off. Oh well. My mom might come up with us because my dad is going away for the weekend.

Well Chris is dying to leave this class.


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Jun. 14th, 2006 | 07:53 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: Random songs in my head...

I am already sick of this class. Chris and I are so much more ahead of everyone else so all we do is sit here and mess around online for hours. Guess what? It's boring!

Moe Moe has pneumonia. He also has a vitamin C deficiency. My poor Moe Moe. The biggest problem is that he can't breathe very well. His lungs won't inflate all the way so that is his biggest threat. We have to give him medicine twice a day for two weeks. Then he gets another check up and probably more medicine because the vet said that he'll probably be sick for a while. But, on the plus side, she said he is acting way better than a normal pig would. He is still really active and doesn't just lay around and do nothing. Keep your fingers crossed for him!

Chris and I got ice cream before class. It was yummy.

I still want to go to a concert. I am having withdrawls.

Chris's birthday is monday. I gotta go out and get his present. We are going to have a BBQ with his family and then we are going to do whatever else he wants to do, he hasn't decided yet.

I think we might try and make a break for it now.


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Today came too soon

Jun. 7th, 2006 | 06:35 pm
mood: boredbored
music: I wish I had music!

So today is my first day of my first summer class. It sucks. I am in class right now and I am now liking it. I actually almost forgot about class. I was busy doing something else when I looked at the clock and was like "Shit!". Luckily I still had an hour before I had to be here. At least Chris is here with me and I'm not alone. :-)

My fall semester schedule sucks so much ass. I only have so many classes left and they are not matching up very well. So I cant really take any classes for fall because I have to still work full time. It is so frustrating. Hopefully the Spring semester will have better classes.

One of my guinea pigs is sick. Poor Moe Moe. He's acting all weird. We tried to take him to the vet today but the only place that would see him was in Williamston which is too far away. Stupid vets offices. So hopefully he either doesn't die tonight or get any worse tonight before we can take him tomorrow because if he died I'd be sad, he's is my very first piggie. :-(

I want to be at the (hed) PE show right now. I would go after class got out but the damn venue stopped selling tickets at noon today. I am in desperate need of a concert. Nakita and I are planning one that's in July, but that is in JULY! I need one before that too. I'll just have to look a little harder.

Chris is looking for a car for me. :-) Yay.

I want to go to the zoo and see Tricia! I miss my little Spanish buddy.

I suppose I should pay attention..


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May. 15th, 2006 | 03:44 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Randomness on the radio..

So I realized that it has been a very long time since I have updated this thing.. here it goes.

Florida was so awesome. I had tons of fun with my family. AND my cell phone actually had full service there so I could talk to my Chrissy Poo whenever I wanted. I took a billion pictures and my aunt Lani took a billion more, so pictures are definitely not in short supply. I'm definitely getting some friends and going back again because it was just that fun. :-)

Spring semester is finally over, so maybe I'll have a little bit of free time until Fall semester begins. I'm taking one class during the summer semester which hopefully won't be too tough. Chris and I are taking it together so it should be fun. As far as I know I did great in my classes that I took this semester, and that means I have roughly seven classes left until my associates degree is complete! YEES!

So today is Mother's Day. I had to work until four, but when I got out, Chris and I took his Grandma out to dinner. I got a mini rose plant for Chris's Grandma and I got a bouquet of flowers for my mommy. We are taking my Mom out to dinner tomorrow. And after we take her to dinner I think we are going to go take some yellow roses to Chris's Mom's grave which will be nice.

Chris and I just watched "Just Like Heaven" with my Mom, and that movie is so awesome.

Chris and I are planning to go open up our cabin this weekend. Boy do I love that cabin. But boy do I dislike cleaning it when we open it. Oh well, it's nice to get away. But I hope these damn gas prices go down so we can go up there a lot. I want to go fishing :-)

Well it's time for shower then bed. Gotta get up early and go to work.


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Tomorrow! Tomorrow! It's only a day awaaay!

Mar. 25th, 2006 | 05:08 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: Bullet For My Valentine- Hit The Floor

I'm leaving tomorrow! Yay, I'm so excited. I'm also very scared of the plane ride. I haven't been on a plane since I was like 9 1/2 years old when I went to Hawaii. Oh well, I'll be fine.

I've been running around all day picking up some last minute things. I'm such a procrastinator. These sort of things prove that it's not just with my school work, I procrastinate with everything. :-)

I'm pretty much all packed right now, just gotta go over my list and make sure I have everything.

As for tonight, it's a night of spending time with my Chris and baking. hehe. I'm making cupcakes and brownies for Chris's Sunday class. They love me :-) No Chris for a whole week. :-( I'm sure gonna miss him. No Kita and exercising with her for a whole week. I'm gonna miss that too.

Time to go take care of my animals!

See you in a week! :-D

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Mar. 7th, 2006 | 12:12 am
mood: enthralledenthralled
music: Bullet For My Valentine

So tonight was a lot of fun so I am actually motivated to write something!

A few hours after I got out of work, Chris and I headed out to Eaton Rapids to go see Chris's friend, Mark, get a tattoo done. He was getting a pirate ship design in his pubic area, pretty damn close to his wiener. But boy, it sure was hott seeing him get it done, with his ass hanging out with just a slight peak at his shaft. Haha. j/k.

Anyways, we also went there to get Chris's ears pierced. He wants to stretch them out. So Chris got his ears pierced, and oh my lord, the needle was huge. Chris got all nauseous when she did, but he lived. And ya know what? HE IS SOOOO HOTT!!!! I loved him before, but sill.

So after that was done, we hung around the shop for a while and watched Mark get his tattoo done some more. The atmosphere there was so awesome. All the people were friendly, especially the tattoo artists. So we're just sitting there and Chris was like, "You gotta do something too, because we all are"(This other girl that was there who I happened to know from way back when spontaneously got her nose pierced). So I was like "Fine". So I ended up getting a tattoo on my wrist. It's so cute. It's three stars which all fade from fuchsia to pink. So freaking cute! I think I will post some pictures of everything on my myspace....

After we were all done getting pierced and tattooed, Chris, Mark, these two other people who I don't remember their names(it was the girl who pierced her nose, and her boyfriend), and I went to McDonald's and sat there and talked.

Overall it was tons of fun. Oh yeah, it was Mark's birthday too, and Chris and I got his the Garbage Pail Kids movie. He loved it. Go us.

Now I must go to sleep because I have to work tomorrow. Boo. These past few days I've been getting hit on by weird people. Today was the weirdest guy though *shudders*..

Well, Night night!

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Quick Update

Feb. 9th, 2006 | 12:13 pm
mood: boredbored
music: I wish I had some music right now.....

So I'm in writing class, and as usual, it's boring.

I'm going to Florida! Yee Haw! I've never been before so it's gonna be awesome. I'm going at the end of March with my mom, aunt and two cousins. We are gonna rent a house there for a couple weeks. My mom and I though are only going for a week though because we couldn't get that much time off of work. We're gonna go to Disneyland and all that other great stuff there. Chris isn't gonna go. So sad. :-( He's already been there so it's all good. He just can't miss that much school since he is taking so many classes this semester. I'm scared about the plane ride. I haven't been on a plane since I was like ten years old when I went to Hawaii.

The house we are renting is so awesome. It has it's own heated pool so we can swim at night. There is also a privacy fence all around the pool area AND the whole backyard area is screened in! How awesome is that? No bugs! It's got three bathrooms which is going to come in handy with having five girls in the house. It's going to be tons of fun!

I've been DDRing with Kita like whoa lately! hehe. It lotsa fun. We're getting skinny too. :-) We're Turbo Jamming too! Go us.

I guess I should try and pay some attention now.

Bye Byes!

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Kill me

Jan. 24th, 2006 | 12:38 pm
mood: boredbored
music: P.O.D- Goodbye For Now (In my head)

So I am in my writing class right now and I swear I have the worst writing teacher ever. I mean, she not a bad person, but this class is only an hour and a half long and she spends the whole class pretty much talking about random things and her personal life. Now sometimes it's not too bad, but when it's such a short class and you're still getting writing assignments, it might be nice to learn something. This is the third day of class and so far all I've learned is how to surf the internet better, and some things about the teacher, like when she fell in the parking lot and nobody helped her. Chris is in this class too, all he does is play games and look at car stuff.

On a more cheerful note, Chris and I decided to name the baby guinea pig, Peanut. We found out it's a boy, and he is soooo damn cute! It's crazy how mature those things are when they are born. Peanut was eating solid foods when he was like an hour old. That shit is just nuts.

I don't have many hours this week at work which is kinda nice. It means less money, but it means more time to have a life. I get to work a couple short shifts which are sweet because they fly by. Oh yeah, Chris got a job which is awesome. He's working at the LCC West Campus as an Automotive tech. The best part is he makes $11.00 an hour. What a bastard. :-)

I think I am gonna go play on ebay for a while.


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Jan. 21st, 2006 | 03:25 pm
mood: ecstaticecstatic
music: Noises of a baby guinea pig

My guinea pig had her babies! :-D I haven't updated in a while so I never wrote about how we found out Sandy was pregnant. After we found that out we found out that it was kinda bad because at her age, unless she had had babies before, her hip bones may have fused together and she would have died during birth. BUT! Chris and I came home today and there she was! SHe had four babies but three of them died, :-(. As much as that sucks, I'm still so happy that Sandy didn't die and we still have one baby! :-D We have to think about what to name it once we find out what it is.

That's all for now!


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Happy 2006!

Jan. 2nd, 2006 | 10:22 pm
mood: pleasedpleased
music: Rollergirls on the television

Well I hope that everybody had a great holiday season! I sure did. It was pretty darn busy, but tons of fun.

I spent Christmas Eve at my Aunt Lani's house with my mom, dad, and my cousins Amanda and Sabrina. We played games,(lots of Scene It versions!). Amanda, Sabrina and I totally kicked my mom, Aunt Lani and Aunt Nancy's asses at Disney Scene It. Chris came out a little later after he had dinner at his grandparent's and then we played normal Scene It. We lost that game but only by like two points. We opened presents and my Aunt Lani got me and Chris a new DVD player, which was awesome! Got some other random cool stuff too.

On Christmas, Chris made me go to his grandparent's at 7:30 in the morning. We opened presents with my parents first before we left. My mom got me tons of cool stuff. Lots of underwear, socks and bras (I'm weird, those are the things I ask for! :-D) and stuff for scrap booking, make-up and random other things. After that we went to Chris's grandparent's. His cousins Kelly and Kristi were there and his Uncle Randy too. His grandma made a big breakfast for us all and it was yummy! After we ate we opened presents. Chris's grandparents got me two new Care Bears, a full size blow up mattress for when Chris and I go camping, and a new towel for me to keep at there house. Chris got me a rechargeable battery kit for my digital camera, some really cute sneaker, lip gloss and other stuff. I was really happy because everybody liked what Chris and I got them. After that Chris and I went back to my house and my bothers and sisters and company came over and opened their presents and then we played games all night. My brother, Max kicked all of our asses in poker. hehe.

New Years Eve was very relaxing. Chris and I hung out with my mom, dad, Max and his girlfriend, Heather. We played some games and watched some movies. But this time I kicked all of their asses in poker. It was really nice because we don't have family time like that very often.

Other than that I have been working a lot. I've been doing the 40 hour weekdays. It's nice to get some extra cash every friday though. :-)

I don't want school to start again....

Chris wants me to play Phase 10 with him.


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